Our team carries on the purpose of our visionary founder to provide flexible, passionate, innovative and high-quality security services on the local market.

We started before 2000 as the professional services department of Provision, one of the first pillars on the security market in Romania. Having access to the latest technology and security solutions, it was natural for us to build value-added security services. We have contributed to raising awareness and appetite for security standards, good practices, managed security services and security certification.

In 2003, we decided to start ISEC ASSOCIATES to consolidate into a more independent, flexible and yet reliable security expert team. We kept the name of ISEC after we had already started the tradition of organizing events dedicated to information security professionals in Romania, attended by large international vendors, with live tech demos and live ethical attacks or open debates on adopting standards.

We grew up along with our clients and tried to adapt our services and knowledge to help them achieve security goals. We facilitated the certification of firsts management systems for information security in the country and we delivered the first IT security audits and penetration tests. We laid the foundations of ISACA Romania, starting the nucleus of what is today one of the most dynamic local associations. We monitor technology and regulatory trends to make our services market-ready and inspire others.

We, as of today, are grateful to our colleagues and mentors who have been with us. Today’s team has both old and new members. We are keen to keep our mission in a fresh way – remain fair and true, work with passion and ethics and stay adaptable and open to innovation.

What We DoWhat We Can

Work with you to determine where your business stands today and what assets you have in place.

We review your current infrastructures – people, policies, regulations, processes and technologies – to find any gaps in information security practices and identify what you need to modify in order to achieve information security or larger organizational goals.

Based on what we learn, we build a practical information security plan for your organization and then manage, or help you to manage, the on-going implementation of selected security measures.

Good information security is a continuous process that constantly needs to adapt to ever-changing challenges and market opportunities. We support you in maintaining security both from evolving threats and developing businesses points of view.