IT Systems Review

April 27, 2017 isec No Comments

Service overview

There are several reasons why organizations should conduct IT systems reviews periodically, like: achieve savings and income generations, review service level and standards, demonstrate leadership, explore shared services, improve service delivery methods, optimized resource usage, etc.


When conducting an IT Systems Review, we use a solid step by step methodology covering: scope definition, teams’ integration, key stakeholders debate for identification of users group, information gathering for the subjected project, review service levels and standards that are applicable, assess sharing and interfaces, assets utilizations and improvements, etc.

Based on industry best practices and your internal framework, we will assess the actual status of the selected systems. We are focusing both on areas that the client nominates as important or sensitive, and on daily activities: risk assessment, physical security review, logical controls, environment controls, SDLC, network reviews, resource utilization reviews, contingency planning, backup and recovery, etc.

For every section of the agreed scope, we identify associated systems, their scope and assess their compliance having in mind the governing criteria, the specific of your work environment. We generally identify or suggest new improvement capabilities resulting from the actual status of security.