Documentation Design and Implementation

April 27, 2017 isec No Comments

Service overview

When an organization wants to implement a framework for security management, one of the mandatory requirements is the system’s documentation. Even when certification is not desired but rather alignment with standard or best practices, it is necessary to select, define and implement security policies and procedures that reflect exactly your organization’s security strategy.


We first identify business requirements and key processes to be protected, and further we discuss with management and key stakeholders for establishing security strategy and what policies need to be implemented.

Next stage consist in strong collaboration with your personnel, in order to establish the optimum framework (if there is none) for documenting, and then implement it. Security strategy will be defined at the policy level and procedures will detail means for strategy implementation.

Procedures will be developed in close collaboration with the your team, and will be extensively tested in various scenarios to confirm their applicability. The documentation is then proposed for approval or acceptance and modified accordingly.


Any implementation process has a complex set of deliverables, directly dependent on the structure and requirements of the named standard, best practice or regulation.

A standard set of documentation may contain policies, procedures, workflows or work instructions, specific forms, action plans, inventories, risk registers, etc.

Your documentation shall be entirely personalized and designed for you, considering the context, needs and expected outcomes for the implementation.